Note: 2007 was the last year we took orders for Mariner kayaks.


w/hung or foam seat, No. 0050

. . . $2595.00


w/hung or foam seat, No. 0100

. . . $2695.00

Express LP or EX

w/hung or foam seat, No. 0080

. . . $2695.00

w/sliding seat, No. 0085

. . . $3045.00

Mariner XL

w/hung or foam seat, No. 0040

. . . $2695.00

w/sliding seat, No. 0045

. . .$3045.00

Mariner MAX

w/hung or foam seat, No. 0090

. . . $2695.00

w/sliding seat, No. 0095

. . . $3045.00

Mariner II

w/hung or foam seat, No. 0060

. . . $2795.00

w/sliding seat, No. 0065

. . . $3145.00

Note: the Sliding seat option adds 5 to 6 pounds to the weight of the kayak.

Prices include installation where applicable.
Sorry, because of a new local tax that would likely more than wipe out any profits, as of May 2010 we no longer sell any accessories retail (even if we have some on hand). We might be able to arrange to sell wholesale to a mail order dealer such as Kayak Academy or NWOC if we still have the item and they don't. You can call 206-367-2831 or e-mail to check (but any item below that is listed as no longer available we are out of for sure).

4" Access port in stern

No. 4080

. . . . $15.00

4" Beckson double seal hatch, an armhole to aid in loading and unloading the ends of the kayak. This item is supplied as standard equipment on the bow of the Coaster, Elan, Express, MAX and XL. If you don't want it on your bow, deduct $15.00 from the above prices.

Large Rear Hatch

No. 4095

. . . . $149.00

13" x 17" oval coaming with rigid lid sealed and held in place with a self locking metal reinforced vinyl trim strip and a neoprene spray cover. A watertight large cargo hatch.

Stern Bulkhead (fiberglass) 
Bow Bulkhead (Mariner II only--glass)

No. 4135
No. 4136

. . . . $89.00
. . . . $99.00

Fiberglass bulkheads are laminated into your chosen position from both sides. Ultra secure.

Foredeck chart holders on Coaster

No. 4010

. . . . $12.00

(This item is supplied as standard equipment on all other models.) 5 mm black shock cord, adjustable tension, no knuckle busting fittings on the front deck, no leaks, no recessed fittings causing bumps with nuts on them inside the deck interfering with your foot room.

Under-deck chart pocket

No. 4020

. . . . $28.00

Holds charts and other flat items up out of the way. Includes convenient storage rig for the bailing pump No. 1150. Available on the Coaster only in combination with No. 4010 above.

Mariner chart case (no longer avail.)

No. 3130

Super tough crystal clear urethane waterproof case (not PVC which cracks or tears at the seams or  polyethylene--which is foggy and hard to see through unless pressed against the chart). Remains pliable when cold, photocopies do not transfer print to it (unlike PVC or Poly), crystal clear on both sides (for twice the viewing area before having to open the case with wet hands). Tie down loops at each corner and sized to  fit under our foredeck chart holders. Sorry, but until we discover a new source for the urethane HD Zip-lock seal what was many peoples favorite kayaking chart case won't be available even though we have a big roll of very expensive 12 mil urethane we would like to use to make them.

Portable high capacity bailing pump

No. 1150

This red and gray model, developed by us for sea kayak use back in 1981 through Beckson, has 1 3/4" x 18" barrel and a push rod reinforced with a non-ferrous alloy tube (will not bend and kink in use nor deflect a compass if stowed near it under the foredeck. Drawing of Pump.

Pump Float (Sorry, we no longer stock)

No. 1151

Keeps bailing pump floating if dropped. 

Rescue Float Plus (no longer avail.)

No. 1166

The best! Developed by Mariner's Matt Broze, the originator of modern paddle float self-rescues. Made of 200 denier nylon/urethane. Two separate air chambers for back-up reliability. Can be inflated in 15 seconds. Fits over the paddle blade and is held in place by pressure from the chambers or by webbing and a Fastex™ buckle (which can also close it like a roll top dry sack). A pocket for the paddle tip helps protect the air chambers. A tether of 3/16" shock cord and a clip to fasten it to the kayak to prevent its loss before, during, and after use. Doubles as a water resistant gear/lunch bag or an emergency air splint. Can protect cameras from shock, water, and sinking when inflated. Can be used for rescue even without opening the "dry sack". Aids learning to brace and roll. If it is inflated in advance, rolling a kayak without using a paddle is easy using our "float roll" (described in the detailed instructions). Shopper's hint: Beware of cheap nylon/vinyl or vinyl imitations posing as the real thing. If the fill tube elbow emerging from the bag is red or black the fabric is most likely urethane if it's clear the bag is most likely made from the much weaker nylon/vinyl material or vinyl. For more details see Rescue Float Plus Ad. Detailed instructions for use are at Rescue Float Plus Instructions (or in the "Manuals:" pickbox in the sidebar). Color photo of Rescue Float Plus.

Bow Float Bag ultra-light & tough


Stern Float Bag ultra-light & tough 
Bow size Storage/Float Bag


After 2008 contact "Kayak Academy" (206-527-1825 or toll free 866-306-1825) for float bags of this size and style. 

Made to our specifications, for use in sea kayaks. They have far more volume (necessary for sea kayaks) than the inadequate (river kayak size) sets commonly sold elsewhere. Flotation is essential, you should never be on the water without plenty of flotation in each end of your kayak (fill all the space you don't use for you or gear--and put the gear in waterproof bags for buoyancy--far more details in our Flotation manual). All float bags feature extra long fill tubes so they can be topped up or bled while sitting in the cockpit of a kayak without bulkheads. Made of 200d nylon/urethane which is tougher, withstands  more pressure, resists delaminating better, yet is 40% lighter than the more common nylon/vinyl material. Bow 15oz., Stern 18oz., Sto/Float  24oz. Drawing at Float Bag

Note: The Sto/Float bag is of the same 200d nylon/urethane material. It has a stiff roll down seal and large opening. A third layer of urethane is bonded to one side of the gear bag to provide a full bow float bag volume even when the storage part of the bag is unused. Eithor or both uses can used simultaneously This Sto/Float bag is not as tough and durable as our Dry Sacks (see below) so we don't recommend them for everyday gear storage use for the kayak tourer. Rather we see the storage function as providing a back up to the flotation bag aspect. If the flotation bag were to fail the gear storage part could be filled with light bulky items (or even bulky vegetation) to provide full secure buoyancy again. For day paddling the storage compartment could be used for carrying extra clothing and other softer items. For heavy and hard cornered items such as canned goods and the like we don't think the Sto/Floats will last nearly as long as our heavy duty Dry sacks (see below) and that regular heavy use could eventually compromise the float bag aspect of these Sto/Float bags.

Mariner cockpit cover (not available)

No. 1180

Airtight 200 denier heat sealable nylon/urethane fabric with adjustable shock cord perimeter. Improves aerodynamics and keeps the rain out (and your wet gear or float bags in) as you speed down the highway. Unlike others it can be installed using less than three hands when your kayak is on top of your car, stays on better too. We designed the medium size especially to fit Mariner cockpits. Specify kayak model and inside length and width of the cockpit. Drawing at Cockpit Cover.

Snapdragon Sea Tour neo/nylon spraydeck   (Custom fit for Mariner cockpit sizes, seat position, and seat style)

No. 1171


Note: Mariner kayaks seat positions are several inches further forward in the cockpit than most other sea kayaks, Contact Snapdragon Designs directly (425-957-3575) to be sure to get the correct fit for any Mariner kayak model. In order to make you the correct custom skirt, they will need it know if your Mariner has a sliding seat or a fixed seat and which model kayak. Normally Snapdragon does not sell direct to the public (but has agreed to do so for Mariner kayak models because of the confusion that is often caused by getting a third party retailer involved that doesn't know Mariner kayak models in detail) so be sure you tell Snapdragon first thing that it is for a Mariner kayak and that we sent you to them.

Top grade 1/8" heavy duty nylon II wetsuit neoprene deck stretches to make a good seal at the coaming, resists puddling as well as reduces condensation. Tough 200 denier heat sealable nylon/urethane chimney. Heat taped seams. Heavy duty shock cord at coaming seal. Easily adjustable shock cord at top of chimney has shock cord and toggle to allow cinching down for rough conditions or opening wide for cooling ventilation in warm weather . Can be worn inside or outside a PFD. Kangaroo pouch pocket with Velcro closure. Adjustable elastic shoulder straps go through a loop in back so they can move with your stroke and stay on your shoulders better. The best touring spray deck we've seen. Custom sizes available to best fit Mariner Kayaks' cockpits.

Snapdragon Hot Hands Paddle Mitts (available from Snapdragon dealers)

No. 1175

We like the hands on feel of the paddle, the insulation and quick drying of the neoprene and the ease with which the pop-open cuffs let you slip your hands in and out without needing any help from your teeth. 

Sea Sock (for singles &  doubles) (available from Feathercraft)

No. 1196

Note: We think the lower priced standard Feathercraft Sea Sock with the nylon shock cord top tube is more suited to more fiberglass kayak cockpits than the deluxe version with the neoprene top shock cord tube. Seals around the cockpit rim with a husky shock cord. The coated "sock" separates you from the inside of the kayak. Because of the extra buoyancy it provides much less water is scooped in when righting the kayak after a wet exit. Rescues are quicker since far less water must be removed. Keeps kayak interiors cleaner. Mud and wet sand can be easily shaken off the nylon once it has dried. Improves performance and helps prevent damage to the kayak when playing in surf by keeping the kayak lighter and more buoyant even if swamped. Should always be backed up by float bags, gear bags, or bulkheads.

Sea Kayaker Deep Trouble

No. 1201

autographed copy   . . . . $14.95

This is a compilation of the popular Sea Kayaker magazine safety column. It  contains descriptions of actual sea kayaking emergencies during the 1980's and 1990's. Learn from other kayaker's mistakes rather than learning these potentially painful lessons first hand. Mariner Kayaks' Matt Broze is the major author so you can get an autographed copy at the regular price from us.
We also carry a wide selection of kayaking texts,  regional guidebooks for many parts of  world,  and nature guides and outdoor books of interest to kayakers. Call or write us for details.

Sea Kayaker magazine Back Issues, Out-of-Print Issues, and Full Sets of all the issues (the new or used full set includes every issue published through 12/09--133 of them--see Out-of-Print Sea Kayaker magazines  for prices)

Sea Kayaker magazine back issues and Out-of-Print back issues (while they last) are still available from us. "In print" back issues are $5.00 each for 1 to 3, $4.00 each for 4 to 9, and $3.00 each for 10 or more (shipping and handling for magazines is free). "Out-of-Print" (no longer available from Sea Kayaker Magazine) issues are priced according to their rarity (and how many we have left--so act soon for the best price on rare issues). See Out-of-Print Sea Kayaker magazines for our price list for (and the availability of) a full set and out-of-print issues. See Sea Kayaker magazine's index for an index to all the articles in Sea Kayaker magazine's back issues. (Hint: use your browser's "find" feature and CTRL-G to search the index for articles that meet your interests).

These dry sacks are the toughest, most watertight, and most cost effective way we have found to protect gear in a kayak. The are made of expedition weight (most often 420 denier nylon) fabrics with an extra thick heat sealable urethane coating. The roll down closure and Fastex™ buckle form a carrying/lifting handle when rolled and closed. Nylon and urethane are both tougher and have far better abrasion resistance than vinyl (PVC) or vinyl coated fabrics used in many gear bags.  Don’t be a VOM (victim of marketing) the major competitions XL size is smaller than our Large was, has a lighter coating and costs more (I call it size label inflation). Our XL fits perfectly in front of the foot pedals. In the stern the XL leaves room to stuff some 2 liter plastic bottles or small dry sacks on each side.  Combine  an XL  with our Tapered dry sacks in the ends to maximize both storage room and buoyancy on a non-bulkheaded sea kayak. Both will fit through most large hatches (VCP oval or larger) in kayaks with bulkheads but you probably won't have room for one of each inside the bulkhead compartments of any but the largest of sea kayaks. Linear dimensions below are when laid flat.

XL Dry sack

Wt. 15oz., 40"x20" No. 3120

. . . . $27.95

Tapered Dry sack**

18oz, 48"x19" No. 3110

. . . . $38.95

**Tapered Dry sacks (Broze Cones) are made exclusively for Mariner Kayaks to our specifications. Bottom 24" tapers from 19" to 8" to fit neatly into either end of a sea kayak.

Please contact us  by phone, mail, or e-mail (if you write please also include your phone numbers and the best times day or evening to reach you). See Contact Us. Click here or on the sidebar to the left.

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