All Mariner kayaks are available in combinations of over a dozen shades of gelcoat. The fiberglass outside seam (1" wide) is normally black to match the coaming rim, seat, hatches and other deck hardware. (however the outside seam can be any of the other available gelcoat colors, but adds $40.00)

Standard rigging includes toggled grabloops on heavy duty (3/8" dia.) stainless steel U-bolts at the bow and stern (for securing with bike cables or chain and an easy two person carry), a full complement of functional deck lines (see diagrams of two), foredeck hatch or access port (Coaster, Elan, Express, XL and MAX are equipped with 4" Beckson access port, the Mariner II has a 7" round VCP hatch) and choice of several cockpit seating arrangements. Instantly adjustable sliding seat/footbrace unit trims the boat for best performance in varying conditions, fixed seat versions (two widths of hung seat and a foam seat) include adjustable padded backrests and adjustable footbraces. We offer custom lay-ups, including extra heavy-duty for extreme use, light surf lay-up reinforcing for surf use or lightweight materials such as Kevlarä , ultralight graphite, and a Kevlarä /graphite hybrid woven cloth that combines the best features of both.

All MARINER kayaks are custom finished. You can choose the outfitting (decklines, seats, hatches, bulkheads, etc.) that you want and not have to accept extras you don't want.


Our standard kayaks come outfitted with a complete, functional and adaptable deck rigging system. On the foredeck: a CHART HOLDER of 5mm black natural rubber shock cord with adjustable tension, (but without knuckle bashing eyelets) and a BOW PAINTER consisting of 3/16" solid braid nylon line with jib snap and small float which facilitates recovery of the line. The painter is looped through the bow U-bolt and two 4" cleats recessed ahead of the cockpit. It rotates for easy deployment of sea anchors or kites, and also serves as a safety grabline for the front end of the kayak or an emergency tow line. The recessed cleats and the aft most chart cord form a PADDLE PARK which securely holds the paddle, yet you simply grab the paddle with both hands and pull back for instant use. On the rear deck: a STERN PAINTER of 3/16" solid braid nylon line with jib snap at the end and secured behind the cockpit makes a shock absorbing tow line that can be instantly deployed and released., a quickly accessible yet secure SPARE PADDLE HOLDER consists of 5mm black shock cord with four nylon line hooks strung through six nylon eyelets, and a GEAR LASH DOWN lattice of 3/16" low stretch Polyester solid braid is strung through the same eyelets. All the lines also serve as safety grab lines, and the lash down lattice and spare paddle shock cord are used in outrigger self-rescue setups to secure the paddle to the kayak. Sliding seat models have a SHOCK CORD WEB behind the back of the seat for securely stowing a rescue float, water bottle, jacket and/or small gear containers. See "MAX reviewer's comments" on the deck rig.

Drawing of Mariner XL showing deck rig -- Mkdckrig.GIF (1831 bytes)


Deck rigging supplied with the standard Coaster has 1/4" solid braid line strung through nylon eyelets, with snuggers bow and stern, to function as a perimeter grab line. Hooked lash line with cinch ring and a 4" cleat aft of the cockpit allow you to secure gear bags and spare paddle to the rear deck. Eyelet and cleat anchors are rounded with nylock nuts where they protrude below the deck to protect gear bags from snagging. The deck rig got rave reviews such as: "the best I’ve seen on any kayak" from Sea Kayaker’s expert testers (Summer 1994 issue). Coaster reviewer's comments

Drawing of Coaster showing deck rig -- Cstdkrig.GIF (2301 bytes)


Several other deck rigs are available but most are modifications or combinations of the above two. We will also place eyelets where ever you specify so you can design your own rig.

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